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How will I know when the SBL Multi Services team will arrive at my home?

It's easy! You'll receive a text message or email notification when we're en route to your home. Simply choose your preferred notification method.

What should I do with my pet during the cleaning?

We love animals, but to ensure the safety of our employees, please secure your pets during our cleaning appointment.

Can I have the same cleaning team every time?

Yes, just let us know your preference, and we'll ensure consistency. Otherwise, we'll inform you of any changes.

What if there's another service provider working at my house?

If your cleaning appointment coincides with another service provider (e.g., electrician, carpenter, plumber, carpet cleaner, painter, etc.), please reschedule within 24 hours of your service. We'll rearrange it within the following 3 days to maintain your cleaning guarantee. Please note that failure to reschedule may result in regular hourly charges.

Should I tip the cleaning team?

Absolutely! You can tip our team through our TIPS option. Our team appreciates your recognition for their hard and excellent work.

What should I do before the SBL Multi Services team arrives?

Thank you for your cooperation in making our work more efficient. Before our arrival, please ensure to tidy up by collecting any clothing, miscellaneous items, and toys that may obstruct our work. Your help is greatly appreciated.

What won't you clean?

While we provide high-quality service, we don't clean blood, feces, vomit, or urine, whether from animals or humans. We prioritize the well-being and health of our workers.



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